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Geography and tours routes

География туров и маршруты Стратегии путешествий

Travel Strategy specializes in custom tours and thematic expeditions in Latin America. Our favorite places are the Amazon basin, deep equatorial jungle, Mount Roraima, Angel Falls, Patagonia and the Carretera Austral, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, Torres del Peine, Perito Moreno Glacier, Machu Picchu Ruins, Argentina, Mendoza and Buinos Aires, Carnival in Rio de -Janeiro, south of Chile, Ushuaia.

Price packages

Travel Strategy offers two price packages of its services - “lite” (only simple hotels and only breakfasts are included) and an "all-inclusive" package, when the cost of the tour includes all breakfasts in general.

Ценовые пакеты Стратегии Путешествий

Prices and tour dates

Travel strategy holds tours and expeditions lasting 7, 14 and 21 days. Tours usually start on Saturday and end on Friday or Saturday so that participants can comfortably return home to the western hemisphere.

Календарь туров и стоимость туров Стратегии Путешествий

Why travel with
Travel Strategy?

We live traveling and this is a big part of our life. Each of the Travel Strategy guides is a person for whom travel is not just a word, but as a necessary element, like air, without which our life is not whole. We share this experience with each participant.

We have been traveling for many years and traveled through Latin America in all directions. We traveled in different styles and faced a lot of scrapes, learning to find solutions in almost any situation. Most of our travel programs are routes we have traveled on our own.

We strive to create something new when traveling, push the limits and give unique impressions to the participants. Most of our programs are original and often not offered on the mass market. And when we visit famous tourist places, we try to show them from an unusual side.

Nothing has such an impact on travel success as a positive and friendly atmosphere in a group. Her absence can ruin any trip, even to the most heavenly places. We know well how important this is and make every effort so that participants feel the support and team spirit, even in physically difficult circumstances.

Our guides speak English, Spanish and Russian and represent the cultures of different countries in Latin America and the world. We have something to tell the participants and we are happy to share the travel experience.
Travel for us is not only visiting the sights, but also integration into the local environment, culture and traditions. During our travels, we interact with local people, use their experience and support, and learn from them something new. And of course we support local societies, especially traditional ones.

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